Prepare - Inspire - Engage


R. Gordon R. McInally

2023-24 theme

Gordon McInally

President Elect, Rotary International

Beth Stubbs

Beth Stubbs

Director-elect, Rotary International 2023-25

John Blount involving new members in meaningful ways is essential to their retention

John Blount

Past Director Zones 26-27, Rotary International

Mike Kelly

LEADERFLUENCE...leading yourself and influencing others

Mike Kelly

Past District Governor 2013-14, District 6670

Jenny Stotts

Rotary Happy

Jenny Stotts

Assistant Rotary Coordinator, Zone 30

Jason Browne

Use what you love to fight what you hate.

Jason Browne

Past President, Rotary Club of Downtown State College, PA


tentative 12-6-2022


Breakout Session Documents for Participants

Registration and Ballroom are located on the 2nd floor

Breakout Rooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors