All Ohio Presidents-Elect Training Seminar is a multi-district P.E.T.S. training sessions of the five Rotary Districts in Ohio. It serves all of the Rotary Clubs in Ohio — more than 250 clubs. Including spouses/partners plus the other club and district officers coming together for this education and fellowship opportunity, there are almost 550 participants.

During the weekend you and your spouse/partner will meet your fellow Presidents-Elect and their spouses  and develop new and lasting friendships, and of course learn about the operations of a successful Rotary Club.

You will hear presentations by Rotary leaders. You will participate in discussions led by the workshop facilitators, all of whom were outstanding club presidents. You will meet the leaders of your district. Your District Governor-elect, aided by your assistant governors, will conduct special district meetings.

Your spouse/partner will be attending all the meals with you and the sessions on Friday night and Saturday morning and Saturday night. Spouses/partners will have a special training session of their own on Saturday. If nothing else, your spouse/partner should at least attend the Saturday dinner and commissioning ceremony.

The entire program is designed so you can JOIN LEADERS – EXCHANGE IDEAS - TAKE ACTION during your year as successful club president.

RI President-elect Shekhar Mehta theme for 2021-22; announced in January 2021

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Using inspiring speakers and experienced discussion leaders since 1981, All Ohio P.E.T.S. is designed to encourage participation.  All Ohio P.E.T.S. is managed, prepared and conducted by the P.E.T.S. Steering Committee and the District Governors-elect from each participating District.  As an intensive training seminar, this event is structured to enable the participants to extract maximum benefits from the materials presented as well as from each other.

For selected topics, we utilize group sessions based on club size whenever possible.  Typically, these are organized into smaller groups of approximately thirty participants.  We feel that this size is conducive to candid discussion of the materials being presented.

Also, there are opportunities for the individual districts to meet as groups.  These are times when the district leadership is presenting district specific goals and objectives for the upcoming Rotary year.  This setting is a great opportunity to enhance the relationships among the district and club leaders.

Who should attend All Ohio P.E.T.S.?

Every incoming President-Elect is required by Rotary International to attend P.E.T.S. (in its entirety) in the spring immediately prior to taking office. Presidents-Nominee are encouraged, but their attendance is optional. Attendance at P.E.T.S. by a President Nominee, does NOT satisfy the attendance requirement when later a President-Elect.

When and Where

All Ohio P.E.T.S. will be held at the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel, located in the heart of Downtown Columbus, near the State Capitol and central to the city's many attractions. from March 12-13, 2021.

Information to know before you arrive

Be sure to read the Club Presidents Training Manual before you arrive at P.E.T.S. You can access the current version at https://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/home

Review the agenda on this web site. You’ll get a good preview of many of the classes you will be taking at P.E.T.S.

If you haven’t paid ALL your registration invoice, here is an incentive to do so BEFORE arriving at P.E.T.S. Attendees with fully paid registrations DO NOT need to queue up in front of the Registration Desk – they can go immediately to their district table and pick up their name badge. And it will save you the additional late fee.

What time does P.E.T.S. start?

It depends!

The official opening ceremony will be held during dinner on Friday. The doors for the dining halls will open at 6:00 pm. Name badges are required for entry.

BUT many districts will also be conducting their pre-PETS on Friday. Be sure to check with your incoming District Governor for time and location.

Click here for Schedule

How do I register and what’s included?

Our on-line registration process with credit card payment will be available beginning January 4, 2021.  A confirmation email and receipt is transmitted immediately upon successful registration and payment authorization. Be sure to register for this event before the deadline of February 19th or additional late fees will be added.

You can also register on-line and pay be check. We must receive your check no later than March 1st or you will be subject to the additional late fee.

The on-line registration process is handled by DACdb.  Those in districts 6600, 6670 and 6690 will login to DACdb to register.  Those in districts 6630 and 6650 along with guests will use the ‘guest’ registration feature.  Credit card payments are handled by PayPal.  You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay by credit card.  Notice, be aware that your credit card address needs to match your registration address.

Refer to the fee schedule and meal selection on the registration page.


Partners or spouses are encouraged and invited to participate in All Ohio P.E.T.S.  Be sure to register your spouse/partner so they can attend the meals with you and the sessions on Friday night and Saturday morning and Saturday night.  Spouses/partners will have a special training session of their own mid-morning Saturday.  If nothing else, your spouse/partner should at least attend the Saturday dinner and commissioning ceremony.

What’s the dress code?

Training Sessions are business casual / Rotary spirit wear.  The Friday and Saturday dinner meals are business dress.  The Saturday dinner speaker is Rotary International President Elect, Holger Knaack.  Many photo-ops will be available this evening.  This weekend is a networking opportunity as much as it is educational.  Make a positive impression.  Also most DGE's will have their picture taken with you on Friday afternoon when you register.

Do I need my notebook or tablet PC at the event?

Electronic devices are generally not used in the sessions.  Our training model is based on discussion, participant interaction, and the sharing of ideas.  There are plenty of breaks that can be used for returning messages.  That being said, we will cover use of technology including, MyRotary, Rotary Club Central and DACdb.  Having your personal electronic device will be beneficial for these training activities.

We will also be introducing the AnyEvent App at this event, so you can plan your activities accordingly and have interactive discussions with your fellow class mates.

Please note that bandwidth is very limited through the hotel wi-fi system so plan on using your own access point.

Also, be sure to bring a notebook and a pen to take notes as needed.

What if I have a conflict with the date of All Ohio P.E.T.S.?

Your District Governor-Elect can direct you to another P.E.T.S. event in a nearby state. Follow this link to review alternative P.E.T.S. events.  BE SURE TO CONTACT YOUR DISTRICT GOVERNOR-ELECT AS THEY NEED TO APPROVE THIS CHANGE.

How do I make my hotel reservations?

Hotel reservations are done directly through the hotel. Either on-line or by calling. Check-in time is 4pm on Friday. Check out time on Sunday is 11am.

Remember, it is a nice gesture to leave a tip for the hard-working folks who clean your room each day.

Through the hotel reservation website you can book, modify or cancel your hotel until the group cutoff date of February 7, 2020.

Parking at event

Valet Parking at the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel is $28 per night during the P.E.T.S. weekend subject to availability.

A private surface lot is located across the street from the hotel. Single and 2 day options are available.


Licensed vendors of Rotary-themed items and services will be present on Friday and Saturday. Please visit their displays during breaks and unscheduled time.


Survey Shortly after you return home, you will receive a link to the Satisfaction Survey in your email.  Please complete it promptly.  Each year we make improvements based on feedback from you, our customers.  The survey can also be accessed through this website after the event.

Privacy Policy

We recognize that your privacy is important.  The following outlines the types of personal information we collect when you use our registration services, as well as some of the steps we take to safeguard information.

  • All Ohio P.E.T.S. collects personal information when you register for our event or otherwise voluntarily provide such information.
  • You will not be asked for any personal information until you are within one of our secure web pages.
  • Personal information may be used to meet your requests such as special lodging room needs or dietary needs.
  • Personal information may be used for auditing or analysis to improve our program and/or services.
  • Personal information may be shared with third parties such as the hotel or our other vendors.

When third parties assist us in processing your registration information, we require that they comply with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security issues.

Information may also be shared with third parties in certain circumstances, such as compliance with legal processes.

Additionally by attending this event you give us the right to use your name and image for communication and marketing purposes.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is simple. There are no full refunds after February 15th unless the cancellation is caused by death or hospitalization of the participant or immediate family member.

Refunds for lodging fees are handled directly through the hotel.

To convey any cancellation information, please contact your district governor-elect and registration chair Bill Shula no later than March 6th.  After this date, we will be on-site in Columbus.

Info on the Role of Club President from RI

Check our latest array of updated training manuals at My Rotary.

As president, you lead and motivate your club, ensuring that club members feel valuable, inspired, and connected to each other.

What you do

  • Preside over club and board meetings
  • Appoint committee chairs and members
  • Conduct club assemblies
  • Create a budget and manage club finances, including an annual audit
  • Develop a safe environment for youth participants
  • Work with your district governor and assistant governor

How to prepare

The year of planning before you take office is crucial to achieving the objectives you set out for your club. As president-elect, you work with your assistant governor and incoming leadership team to set annual goals that support your club’s strategic plan. In this year you should:

  • Assess your club’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks in order to set goals
  • Develop an action plan for your annual goals, which support long-term achievements
  • Appoint committee chairs
  • Ensure continuity in leadership and service projects
  • Attend presidents-elect training seminar
  • Attend district training assembly

Resources & reference

The new Learning Center
Each club officer role now has a learning plan that includes updated materials and manuals. Club presidents will find a manual for their role in the Learning Center. Manuals for the other seven club positions have been divided into multiple courses, each about one topic, to make it easy to find — and learn — what you need to know. Be sure to promote these new resources to club officers:

  • Club President Basics
  • Club Secretary Basics
  • Club Treasurer Basics
  • Club Membership Committee Basics
  • Club Administration Committee Basics
  • Club Public Image Committee Basics
  • Club Service Projects Committee Basics
  • Club Rotary Foundation Committee Basics

If you bookmarked the old Learning Center address, you’ll need to update it so you can quickly navigate to the new site, Rotary.org/learn.

Online learning for participants
Before your next in-person training, have participants complete one or more of the courses in the Learning Center. Not only will it help them prepare for your event, but it will also let them learn at their own pace. If you want to confirm that they took the recommended courses, ask them to email you their certificates of completion.

Here are a few courses to consider:

  • Rotary Club Central Resources includes a video and how-to guides for setting goals and understanding trends.
  • Rotary Foundation Basics explains the Foundation and its programs, grants, and funds. updated
  • Rotary’s Areas of Focus outlines goals, projects, and resources for each of Rotary’s areas of focus.
  • Membership courses promote new strategies for recruiting members and enhancing clubs.

Explore the Learning Center course catalog for more tools, presentations, and worksheets that can supplement your training agenda.




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