All-Ohio P.E.T.S., Inc. TRUSTEES 2023-24

6600Jim DukeDG 23-24Board Chair/GC-Elect
6600Tim RyanDG 24-25Trustee
6630David JonesDG 22-23General Chair
6630Julie BrandleDG 23-24Trustee
6630Dale SmithDG 24-25Trustee
6650Rich TirpakDG 23-24Trustee
6650Elayne BozickDG 24-25Trustee
6670Doug BuchyDG 23-24Trustee
6670Dottie MeadeDG 24-25Trustee
6690David UhlDG 23-24Trustee
6690Gary BakerDG 24-25Trustee

All-Ohio P.E.T.S. 2024 Steering Committee

David Jones, General Chair

Jim Duke, Vice-chair & General Chair-elect

Price Finley, Registration

Michelle Charles, Program

Diane Savage, Operations

Frank Scott, Sgt at Arms, Vice-Treasurer

Diana Savage, Facilities

open, Secretary

Shane Pyle, Treasurer

Alison Frye, Learning Chair

Dave and Lee Ann Perkins, Stage Managers

Michael Brown, Webmaster

Michelle Charles, S/P Program